La Fontana Grill, Bar & Lounge

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3ra A & 46, #305, Miramar, La Habana, Cuba.

(+53) 72028337 / (+53) 72078231


Chino & Nacho

It was a Venezuelan duet of Latin pop music integrated by Jesus Alberto Miranda Pérez (Chinese) and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti (Nacho). Both youths debuted as reggaetón interpreters it stops later to prove other sounds characteristic of the tropical music. It was after their participation with the group he/she Remains silent it Blinds when Chinese and Nacho decided to begin a career like duet and their success began.




All our local are available also for reservations of groups of 5 or more people as well as to welcome festival activities and dinners of business. The Restaurant Palate La Fontana Havana receives its clients every day to from 12 in the noon up to the 23:50 of the night. The Bar Lounge “El Eden” welcomes their visitors up to 3 a.m.



(+53) 72028337 | (+53) 72078231